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Hey! Welcome to BobbyT's Place! Here is a lot of cool stuff that I put together! First stop off at my movie page! Then cruse on down to "Beavis and Butthead." You will find some of the best ftp sites out on the web here on my page! After that Check out my "Rocko's Modern Life" page.. Sounds and more junk on all of my pages! After take a look at my Seinfeld page! Then after doing all of that surfing, you should maybe take a little break and have some coffee and maybe a little "Chit Chat" in my online cafe! This page is constantly changing and updating! I try to change it about once a week. If you want to see something, than E-Mail me! I will see what I can do! Okay, now a little about me! (And my page) I do a lot of surfing every week. I have become a major web surfer. I go out and find the BEST links! Such as things like ftp sites with Pictures in all formats and sound and yes video! I would like to hear you comments on this page and all my other pages! So feel free to add my link to your page and your Bookmark/Hot list! Id love to hear from you! Enjoy... And happy surfing!

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